aum alchemy is in service to supporting people of all ages create Conscious empowered change within themselves, activate personal Healing and transformation to live a more Authentic, Present and Joy full inspired life in Harmony with self, each other, Mother Earth and all our relations as Oneness, Freedom, Strength, Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Honor, Wholeness, Abundance, Wisdom and Balance.

aum alchemy offers tools of empowerment and enrichment services through private, corporate  and group healing sessions, Transformational Breath®, Pranayam, Sound Therapy, Mentorships, Transformational Coaching, Ceremonies, workshops, classes, rituals and Community Celebration

Transform your life and experience Peace, Calm and Clarity
iberate yourself from what is blocking you and keeping you stuck

Create the life you were born to live as your highest potential
ay Yes to Wellness and Fulfillment

Share, Connect and Rise to the Celebration of your Life. I invite you to invest in you and schedule your Yes for our journey together. Come experience and discover a whole new embodied YOU. You are worth it!

Transform ~ Liberate ~ Create

skype: loveblissflow
in person or remote sessions available
via skype, telephone, zoom, face time, or FB

In Gratitude,

Inspired Action