Workplace Sound Healing

Corporate Services are offered to support the growth, success, and solid foundation for your company and the employees.
Transformational Breathwork®
Sound Healing
Massage Therapy
Kundalini Yoga
Yoga Nidra – a guided meditation

Why choose Corporate Wellness?

If you are looking to expand productivity, create a sustainable, productive, successful business, beyond the day to day work load, taking care of your business also begins by taking care of your employees. They are the movers and shakers of your business.

Benefits of offering a Corporate Wellness program:
*Stress Reduction
*Create more mental clarity, focus and inspiration
*Increase Productivity
*Experience Calm and Rejuvenation
*Improve Teamwork and Morale
*Reduce High Turnover
*Reduce Injuries
*Elicit excitement and Joy
*Show appreciation
*Self Care = Company care
*Supports stronger immune system
*Supports, calms and strengthens Nervous System