“Cyndi is a gifted healer with powerful medicine and a huge
heart. Her warm reassuring manner allowed me to surrender to the

place where life changing soul work could take place in the open
arms of her loving presence and many skills. She intertwines her
natural gifts with expertise acquired from different traditions
seamlessly for life altering work.
I have been honored and to have worked with Cyndi and feel her
work is a true gift to those who have the same privilege and to
the planet.”

Karen S. – New Haven, CT


“I have had many powerful sessions with Cyndi, one on one and distance work.
She is an incredibly gifted Healer, Sage and talented
medicine woman. Together we have brought to light, addressed and
resolved some very large pieces. Cyndi continues to do the work
necessary for her own healing in order to provide the needed
ceremony and ritual for the welfare of her clients. Her kind, caring,
empathic, and tender ways are welcoming. She is thorough, fearless
and uses her many talents to dispatch whatever comes up in a
healthy, safe and sacred environment. Thank you, Cyndi! HO!”

Gene – Forestville, CT


“I  have always been impressed and  intrigued by the passion that
Cyndi has for her healing abilities.  On my first session, I
experienced a wonderful release of some heavy blocked energy
and I experienced a powerful healing.  Cyndi has a very calming
disposition.   I am so happy that  Cyndi is a part of my life.  I  will
always go to her for emotional and or physical healing.”

Leslie Rose – Washington State


Cyndi, I must admit before any of our sessions, I had no idea what
to expect. But after our first session in New York, I felt so much
more at ease and calm within my own self, which I needed so very
much at the time. In addition, the other sessions we have had
(egg extraction, illumination, and breathwork), you have made me
feel better immediately afterward. You are truly a gifted healer with
a beautiful spirit. Thank you for being so caring and supportive.

Lisa – Seattle, WA


Thank you so much for yesterday!!! I’m still soaking it all in…..
You helped me so much. That was exactly what I needed. You are
filled with light and love and are a true healer!!

Eleanor – NY


“I found Cyndi because I was looking for guidance through a major life transformation. And thank god I did. 
Each and every session was a new and different journey that helped me to find out more about my true self and hence step forward. Every journey showed me a different layer about my past and helped me to be stronger in my present. 
Cyndi is very dedicated and full of love. She gave me so much helpful energy and lots of insights. Her kindness and smile are unique. 
Thank you Cyndi for being part of my journey.”
                                                           Chris – LA

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iberate yourself from patterns and behaviours that are keeping you stuck and feeling trapped and blocked
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