TLC Grief and Trauma Companion Journey Transform~Liberate~Create

If you are experiencing:
-chronic fatigue

I am in service to supporting you Transform your life, Liberate your self and Create the life you desire.

I offer a 7 week Companion Grief and Trauma Journey where you and your Grief/Trauma will have the space to be held, transformed and freely expressed.

I also offer catered Corporate Wellness programs to support continued growth, morale, health, stress reduction and joyful, productive work environment.

Through our journey together, you will experience;

-feeling lighter
-feeling empowered and in your Power
-inspiration to live the life you choose 
-the desire to move forward in the present moment
-more energy physically, mentally and emotionally 

You will enjoy more everyday miracles, Flow, and your life falling into place.

This Healing journey extends to your Ancestors and touches the lives of your lineages past, present and future.

We all walk with Grief and Trauma. Whether it is an old self limiting belief about ourselves, anxiety, stress, confusion, an accident, illness, death or a loss, we experience these woundings differently and in our own personal unique way.
When we do not transform and move through them, we are not able to live fully in our Joy, our Freedom, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality, our Abundance and so much more that is our inherent birth right.

I am here to hold a safe and sacred container for ones who are ready and willing to transform their grief and trauma and experience Healing, Freedom, Empowerment and Clarity.
This space is held in Compassion, Unconditional Love and supports expressing emotions free of judgement or right or wrong ways of emoting.

Different modalities are woven in to include Coaching, Breath Work, Sound Healing, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic practices, Theta Healing, Reiki and writing prompts.

Clients receive Empowerment and Support Action Steps and Invitations to continue empowering themselves and their personal journey so they get to create the life they choose and are inspired by.

Clients are encouraged to express their feelings and share what they have been holding onto. This space also supports one’s personal growth, empowerment, clarity and direction moving forward in their life. on what to do next, where to direct focus on their life and discovering a new way of relating to their loss and themselves.

This journey is a commitment of Self love and willingness to heal. It may not always feel good and may look/feel messy and the journey is well worth saying YES to. YOU are worth saying YES to!

We are not here to be Spiritually Hip – though we get to experience some pretty COOL and WOW experiences! 

To schedule your commitment to experience your Healing, please send me a message or email at

I am here to hold, listen, support, guide, inspire and companion clients on their healing journey and cultivation of their heart’s Joy and Passion.

Each Session is customized and is a personalized journey according to each client’s needs and desires.

We meet in person, over the phone, skype, video or Facetime.

There are many experiences of Grief.
Grief comes in many different forms from many different situations

Grief is a natural and normal experience. How we grieve is unique to each person. Grief has no time limit nor is there anything to get over, be done with or forgotten. We do get to freely express our grief and trauma. We get to transform our pain, anger, confusion and other heavy emotions (energy in motion) into new ways of relating and into sources of power and inspirataion.

Grief is a Sacred journey and one our natural state of being gets to move through.

We grieve for many life changing situations.

Some examples are:

Death of loved one (human family, friend, role model, family pet)
Death of who we used to be or expectation of who we thought our life was supposed to look like
Change or loss of job, position, staff member
Change or loss of residence, empty nest or loss of home
Change or loss of finances and social status
Change of health, disease, illness
Change in relationship (divorce, separation, disowned, moved away)
Change schools or programs
Loss of special heirlooms
Loss of sense of safety, innocence, justice (rape, abuse, abduction, theft, natural disaster, accident, custody battle

If you are called to work with me to support you in your grief and trauma experience and are ready for some TLC action, please contact me.

If you are not quite certain yet and may have more questions, please contact me. I’d love to speak with you., 626.818.8459

ransform your traumas and grief and experience Peace, Calm, Clarity, Freedom, Joy, Wellness and Healing
iberate yourself from patterns and behaviours that are keeping you stuck and feeling trapped and blocked
reate the life you desire as your highest potential
ay Yes to Abundance, Acceptance, Bliss, Wholeness, Fulfillment and YOU